Thursday, July 24, 2014

A clean Hotel Room to have

As for the hotel equipment and furniture in the hotels in San Fernando Pampanga, first is by cleaning the mirrors, windows, TV, and phone in the guest room with the glass cleaner, usually it comes in a spray agent. The cleaners will going to wipe down any hard surfaces of furniture such as the desk, dresser, nightstand if it has, even the lamps, headboard and inside of drawers as necessary. 

They will going to remove stains from the carpeting or upholstery with a cleaning product made specifically for carpeting and upholstery most especially if it had been stained, they will clean it as soon as possible because stains in the carpets are that hard to eliminate the more it stays.

Cleaners will usually replace those trash bags in the room even if it only has few thrash on it. They going to make sure all other items provided by the hotel are replaced, just like those laundry bags, laundry slips, do-not-disturb signs when they have one, the in-room guest guides, and chocolate for the pillows. 

For that, they will also remove all rags and cleaning products from the room as needed to do so and then they have to vacuum the carpet to remove dust, and spray the room with air freshener to freshen it up.

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  1. Hi. Do you have a place to recommend like some hotels in San Fernando Pampanga? We're planning to have a vacation there and we need a place to stay. Thanks! :)